The waffle is one of the world’s most beloved desserts. Considered a Belgian culinary tradition, waffles can be sweet or savoury – but they are always delicious.  On March 25, waffle enthusiasts around the world celebrate World Waffle Day.

The waffle’s origins can be traced to ancient, where flat cakes called obelios were cooked between two metal plates. A sweeter, spicier and thicker version of the doughy cake emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages, along with waffle irons that featured coats of arms and other designs as well as the traditional honeycomb pattern. Today, waffles are consumed throughout the world and many countries have signature recipes.

Brussels waffles are renowned for their light, crispy texture and deep indentations – all the better for holding syrups, chocolate sauce and other delectable toppings. Other waffle varieties include Liège waffles and stroopwafels, which can be eaten by hand and are more “cookie-like”. Belgian waffles are often served as desserts or breakfast, while American-style waffles can be savoury or sweet. Hong Kong waffles have egg-shaped indentations…waffles have infinite possibilities!  

Now it is easy to make waffles at home!

In addition to being popular worldwide, waffles are highly prized in Turkey, with long queues observed outside some of the country’s prominent waffle addresses. This “wafflemania” has inspired brands to create functional solutions in the form of home waffle makers. Like a toaster, a waffle maker is compact and fast, with practical stove-top waffle makers now ranking among the newest offerings from brands. We invite waffle lovers to check out some of the devices available from these brands!

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