Born in Europe and dating from the Middle Ages, the waffle has become an international dish. Versatile and very tasty, these doughy treats with a distinctive honeycomb texture can be eaten with many types of sweet or savoury toppings.

“Loved by both children and adults, waffles are fast and easy with the Korkmaz Mia Waffle machine.”

With a track record of global success in the production of functional household appliances, Korkmaz enhances kitchens with the Mia Waffle machine. The award-winning Korkmaz Mia complements kitchens with a  minimalist design and colour options in rose gold, black and red. The Mia Waffle machine distributes heat evenly throughout the casting surface, ensuring that every waffle is consistently cooked and delicious. Korkmaz delivers the delight of waffles to home kitchens, for the taste that both children and adults love.

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