Changing Lifestyles Affect Colour Preferences in Home Decor!

With developing technologies and the acceleration of access to information, consumers’ lifestyles continue to evolve, shifting consumer perspectives on the everyday products used in their homes.  Along with this change in perspective, products’ colours, shapes, and materials are also changing. The home textile category, where transformation in homes is reflected the fastest, continues to touch the lives of consumers with new perspectives and colours that reflect the needs of consumers.

Today, especially, residents of cities are seeking peace, calm and quiet: homes are viewed as tranquil sanctuaries.  The colours of this year, featuring blues inspired by the sea, and greens inspired by nature, are among this year’s predominant colours in the home textile category, as well as in many other areas. Textile trends are changing direction, with products that bring the energy of nature and the serenity of the sky and sea into the home.

“The 2020 home textile category, reflecting the effect of nature, comes into our homes in colours and patterns!”

In 2019, we saw vivid colours and large patterns dominating the home textile category: in 2020, these bright colours have been replaced by more soothing hues, while splashy patterns have given way to leaf-like, minimalist themes. As well, the black details we saw in 2019 have been supplanted by the energy of nature, while velvet and satin fabrics were traded for light cotton and silk satin fabrics.

Natural formations such as the sky, waterfalls and forests reduce stress, help balance blood pressure, and improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. As such, consumers are beginning to look for these images more often in the colours and patterns of the products they use at home. Precisely for these reasons, pastel colours, leaf patterns, the sky, and sea breezes – which seem to slow the pace of life at home and generate a more relaxing atmosphere – add a new breath to the home textile category as the colours and patterns of the year.

The blue tones that we observe in every area of homes will maintain their dominance in many areas, from pillows to sheets, to sofas or curtains, alone or in patterns. The shades complementing these blues come in vibrant hues of green, earth tone, saffron yellow, and pure orange, clear reds and blueberry purples, as well as soft pastels. For anyone seeking to add movement to their homes with vibrant colours, these create a perfect harmony with almost all pastel tones.

The colours and patterns of the year appear as new colour combinations in harmony with timeless nostalgic embroidery patterns.

Combined with calm tones of green and leaf and nature patterns, the positive energy of nature dances into homes, transforming the bedroom into a therapeutic oasis.  

The Return to Self Continues to Have an Impact in 2020

In this new era, as the return to the core begins, we are in a space where colours and patterns derived from nature come to the fore in homes. Especially in the home textile category, environmentally conscious customers will be waiting for us, as they will prefer that products be natural and sustainable products in their details, from yarn types to the printing material.

Are we ready for a period when natural transformation enters every area of the home?

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