Practiced only in Gaziantep, the art of weaving Kutnu has been a local tradition since the 16th century. Having received its geographical indication in 2015, this unique handwoven sateen fabric, featuring silk warps and cotton wefts, is made on wooden loops. Kutnu master weavers create art with every piece of fabric they produce.


Also known as the palace fabric in the past, Kutnu had almost become a forgotten art.  Although its production was difficult, it had been widely used as a reflection of magnificence, elegance and charm in clothing. Today, thanks to meticulous R&D studies carried out by various entrepreneurs, the art of Kutnu weaving has been brought back to life, adapting to the present while remaining true to its essence.

Products woven with Kutnu fabrics are preferred by consumers who love the appearance of traditional motifs and fabrics in their homes. Kutnu fabrics are also used in clothing, reflecting colourful patterns, natural silk and traditional motifs in authentic garments.

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