“The freshness of spring is reflected in life’s special moments with TAÇ”

TAÇ, beautifying millions of houses with its innovative products, presents new collections that will rescue you from ordinary decor and add movement to living spaces. Offering calmness in color, the TAÇ Yasmin Duvet Cover Set provides a comfortable sleeping environment with its 100% cotton structure. It also adapts to any type of decor with its versatile damask pattern.

Offering collections that appeal to a wide range of tastes in line with the latest trends in home textiles, TAÇ delivers the freshness of spring to living spaces with carefully designed duvet cover sets. The Yasmin Duvet Cover Set, standing out colourfully in the new TAÇ collection, reflects the refreshment of the new season into homes. The damask-patterned duvet cover set, designed with traditional lines, gives rooms a modern feel with its colour, fabric quality and 100% cotton structure.

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