Smart home appliances continue to make our lives easier every day with the advancement of technology. Smart kitchen appliances, connected lighting and smart home management systems have become more common, offering convenience and efficiency in daily tasks.  So what awaits us in 2024 in innovative products in smart small home appliances?

Smart Cups

Smart cups usually have features such as controlling the temperature of the beverage, monitoring the amount of liquid drunk or customizing specific beverage parameters. Smart cups can often be controlled through mobile apps and offer the user information about beverage consumption. They are often designed to support healthy lifestyles, increase water consumption or help users better understand the beverages they drink.

Smart Cookware

Smart cookware often offers programmable cooking options. This allows you to follow a specific recipe and run the cooker at a specific time and temperature. Thanks to its digital display, food is cooked to the desired consistency by making the necessary adjustments. It can apply self-pressure at the right time and speed for safety and precision. There is an integrated cooking scale inside the pot. This allows you to add the ingredients into the pot and see their weight before stirring or cooking.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums, which save time spent on cleaning, are the most preferred small household appliance of people today and can be used on all kinds of floors. Vacuum cleaners with smart navigation systems are preferred for regular cleaning, especially in homes with pets. The helpers, which reach every corner with their circle form, can be controlled by remote control.

Steam Oven

We will see the steam oven as a small household appliance that will grow in popularity in the coming years. This is mainly because steaming, frying or baking is a healthier alternative to other cooking methods. In addition, such methods offer great taste.


Airfryer, the popular countertop small household appliance of recent times, seems to continue its popularity in 2024. The small household appliance, which is indispensable in kitchens by producing fryer results using little or no oil, is one of the most time-saving devices due to its simplicity of use.