Fakir Hausgeräte introduces the Filter Pro Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, developed with ESF Technology – a worldwide first!

Fakir Filter Pro raises the bar once again, now introducing a ground-breaking design in vacuum hygiene. Among the most popular vacuum cleaner models in recent years, Fakir changed the bagless vacuum cleaner landscape with ESF Technology. The machine detects, draws and deposits particles, bacteria and allergens in the air that cannot be seen with ‘ionizer’ technology, cleaning not only your home but your air, with eight-filter ESF Technology.

With a capacious and ergonomic 4.5-liter dust container, dust and debris are easily discharged. The machine also features LED warnings and full-tank indicators, preventing a loss of performance in suction power. Offering advanced technology and superior cleaning power, the Fakir Filter Pro Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner brings an entirely new dimension to the vacuum cleaner market.

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