“Ethnic components are combined with geometric and modern lines to creative a vividly colored grand finale”

The richness in various cultures in touch through the globalized world and social media have deeply influenced each year’s designs. Moral and social awareness, one of the righteous trends of the new generation, bears a positive perspective and a new power that blends cultures in a brightly colored batch. And so, the ethnic symbols of various regions are united in modern geometric lines to create patchwork-like designs.

Design team has captured a variety of colors and styles across the Bohemian, Gypsy, Aztec, Latin, Uzbek, and Indian cultures and stimulated by bright colors and inspired by mesh designs. The concept is a hybrid take on various cultures: Zigzags, squares, circles, and lines align with a charming impact and a sense of artifact. These colors and ethnic themes create the uniqueness of LAV designs.

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