LAV, an avid follower of life’s beautiful moments, adds a different pleasure to every sip of tea, the indispensable drink of our culture. Knowing the value of this ancient plant, whose origin goes back centuries, LAV is celebrating the joy of tea on World Tea Day with a delightful Vera Tea Set.

Tea, whose discovery dates back almost 4 years, first emerged in China with the use of its green leaves for medicinal purposes. In the 10th century BC, tea began to be consumed as a beverage and later its fame spread to all continents. Today, tea is consumed as a beverage in a different form and way in every culture. Turkish tea, which is among the indispensable drinks of our culture, shows its difference with the feature of being the only tea on which snow falls.

Filling moments with pleasure, LAV also accompanies tables and conversations with tea sets to accompany tea, one of the world’s most popular beverages. Knowing that there are plenty of excuses to drink tea at any time of the day, LAV adds joy to tea lovers with the Vera Tea Set. LAV is ready to take its place on tables to accompany every sip of tea on World Tea Day, which is celebrated on December 15 all over the world.

LAV Vera Tea Set Adds Pleasure to Every Sip

While tea is the protagonist of different rituals in the world, a thin-waisted glass teacup is part and parcel of Turkish culture… The LAV Vera Tea Set stands out with its slim-waisted glasses. The LAV Vera Tea Set, designed with the aim of adding pleasure to every sip, will delight tea lovers with its easy grip, simple and elegant design, height of 95mm and 180cc interior volume. The LAV Vera Tea Set, consisting of six tea glasses and six saucers, can be accessed from LAV sales points and online store.

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