When Ramadan arrives, the greatest excitement is felt in the kitchen. Table decoration is an important issue that homeowners strive to make their iftar tables special and inviting. We have compiled some small tips for you to make your tables look bright and peaceful during Ramadan.

Dinnerware Sets

The forms and shapes of the dinner sets you will include on the iftar table are up to your personal taste. You can create a modern atmosphere with a dinner set with angular lines, or you can create a classic look with round or oval sets. When choosing the colors of the dinnerware, you should consider the other elements of the table decor.

Tablecloths and Napkins

You can adjust your tablecloths and napkins according to your dinnerware. With a light-colored tablecloth, you can make your dark dinnerware stand out in the table setting. If you have an elegant white porcelain set, you can use a gray tablecloth instead of all black. Or instead, you can get help from suppers to bring your sets to the forefront. A dark colored supla on a white tablecloth and your pearl white porcelain sets on it will look very nice.

Special service equipment

Special design teapots, sugar bowls, cups or plates can enhance the visual aesthetics of the table and color your iftar table.

Ramadan decorations and symbols

With the symbols of Ramadan, you can create a warm atmosphere while giving your table decoration a sense of peace.