December 15 is celebrated as International Tea Day in many parts of the world. With a rich history dating from ancient times, tea drinking is believed to have origins as far back as the 28th century BC.

There are two principal types of tea plants cultivated, the Camellia sinensis var. sinensis and the Camellia sinensis var assamica. China, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, Malawi, and Vietnam are among the most important tea producing countries worldwide. Turkey, tea cultivation takes place in the area  starting from the Georgian border and extending to Fatsa, along the Black Sea – mainly, tea is grown in the Eastern Black Sea region.

Depending on the refining process used for the tea leaves, the beverage is consumed as black, green or white tea. In Turkey, black tea is most popular, and is brewed in a distinctive manner.

Traditional Tea Pots

Tea rituals are an integral element of many cultures. In Turkey, tea is a traditional value and the brewing of the tea holds great importance. Teapots in materials such as steel, porcelain and enamel are the first choice for consumers who prefer traditional tea brewing methods.

New Generation Tea Machines

The new generation tea machines, a faster alternative to the traditional method, are practical and efficient. With light materials, and modern design and heat preservation features, as well as large chambers, tea machines have won consumers’ hearts.

An Essential Tea Vessel: Slim Waisted Glass Cups

In Turkey, the style of the cup in which tea is served is as important as the brewing method. The traditional Turkish tea cup is a graceful, curving and thin waisted glass cup. Produced in assorted sizes and shapes ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, these cups remain beloved by tea drinkers.

Special Mug and Cup Sets for Tea Lovers

While the traditional glasses maintain their popularity, some consumers prefer sipping the beverage from a standard teacup. The western-style afternoon tea, with its delectable nibbles and beautiful porcelain tea sets, has influenced tea drinking as well. In today’s tea drinking culture, a variety of cups and mugs in an almost infinite range of shapes and materials, is available for tea lovers of every type!

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