“Healthy nutrition trended even more strongly during the pandemic period, driving demand for yoghurt makers…”

The pandemic, which began in early 2020, changed the lives and habits of consumers in many areas. Social life moved to digital platforms and time spent at home increased significantly. Consumer consumption and eating habits also changed drastically – and, in many ways, positively, as the healthy eating trends of recent years moved to the forefront.

The popularity of homemade meals and products, which can contribute to a healthier and regular diet, gradually rose during this period. Consumers turned to alternatives that could be made in their own kitchens, without additives.

Yoghurt Maker

The yoghurt making machine makes it possible to enjoy natural and additive-free probiotics made at home!

Yoghurt, high in calcium and probiotics, is consumed by both children and adults at almost every meal. It also tops the list of products that can be made at home, particularly as consumers sought alternatives to the sugary, less nutritious yoghurt products available in stores.  Now even easier to prepare with the advent of new generation machines, the demand for these products has risen significantly compared to previous years.

Although homemade yoghurt can be prepared using traditional methods, yoghurt making machines are preferred to obtain the exact consistency. In addition, these machines automatically determine the ideal temperature for the correct fermentation process.

Yoghurt making machines provide convenience to consumers with time adjustments, cooking programs and a range of container sizes. At the same time, the machines are compact enough to fit in a cupboard, but also present a stylish appearance on the counter.

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