The Mammi Porcelain Complementary Nutrition Set, conceived by Kütahya Porcelain in collaboration with nutrition and dietetics specialists, offers an innovative option to parents in transitioning infants to supplementary food. Prepared by the Kütahya Porcelain Design Centre in consultancy with nutrition and dietetics experts and with feedback from mothers, the set supports healthy nutrition for babies while facilitating the lives of their mothers.

Kütahya Porcelain, consistently striving to enhance its product offerings, presents a new line in its healthy nutrition collection. The Mammi Porcelain Complementary Nutrition Set, developed in the Kütahya Porcelain Design Centre under the consultancy of Anadolu University Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty Member Hilal Hızlı Güldemir, is part of the complementary nutrition project. The project aims to focus on the needs and expectations of mothers while providing functional benefits for infants.

The set is designed with materials that are easily washed and rinsed, do not contain heavy metals, and do not leave chemical residues that could come into contact with food. In addition, these materials preserve nutritional value and contribute to the healthy nutrition of babies by eliminating the health concerns of mothers. The series, consisting of the Mammi Steamer Set and the Mammi Mama Set, includes sample recipes as well as information for parents on suggested foods and food quantities for infants.

Healthy and functional 

Almost as important as the baby’s food are the tools used to prepare meals for infants. Dishes and other table wares that can be easily washed, are bacteria-resistant, and do not leave chemical residues on their contents are suitable for contact with food. In addition, these items can help retain the nutritional value of foods and are suitable for both hot and cold service. Mammi, the first step to healthy nutrition, offers a collection aligned with comprehensive studies, in designs that meet these needs while making the lives of mothers easier with highly functional features.  

The set is available in two separate lines as the Mammi Porcelain Steamer and the Mammi Porcelain Food Set.

The Mammi Porcelain Steamer consists of fire-resistant porcelain pots, lids and steam chambers. The porcelain pot, which does not react with nutrients, also serves as a refrigerable storage container, thanks to its lid. Steam cooking, the healthiest cooking method for infant food, is easily accomplished with the steam chamber.

The Mammi Porcelain Food Set includes a grater, a scale bowl, bowl lid and a cup. The scaled bowl enables parents to prepare infant food in the desired quantities and track how much the baby eats. The bowl lid offers additional functionality as a plate, as well as allowing the bowl to be deployed as a storage container. The porcelain grater preserves the nutritional value of food, while its container can be utilized as a baby bowl. The cup, designed for babies to use with the assistance of a parent, supports the development of infants’ comprehension and coordination skills.

Supporting the transition to additional food

The Mammi Porcelain Complementary Nutrition Set manages infants’ transition to additional food from the perspective of health. The set, which offers guidance to parents in this process, includes information on the multiple functions of each item, instructions for use, and complementary nutrition information on infant feeding in terms of age and quantity. There is also a booklet with sample recipes.

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