Prioritizing its R&D investments, Titiz Plastik has placed its products on the shelves of more than 90 countries.

Adding the Disney series to its range, Titiz Plastik has expanded its product offerings to more than 500 items, including kitchenware, cleaning products, functional products and plastic products combined with glass.

Producing functional products by combining almost half a century of experience with its knowledge and expertise, the Company is committed to delivering quality to the end user.

Titiz Plastik products have taken their place on shelves at more than 40,000 sales points in more than 90 countries. Titiz-branded products can be found almost anywhere in the world, across Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. Titiz Plastik prioritizes its R&D investments as an essential pillar of its production and marketing strategy, investing in the future of change.

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