Fast, Nutritious and Delicious: The Goldmaster Dietist Steam Cooker Makes Healthy Eating Easy!

Over the last year, consumers have been spending more time at home and in the kitchen. Experimenting with different recipes has become a new hobby for some and a habit for many. The Goldmaster Dietist Steam Cooker delivers the excitement of new dishes combined with a healthy diet.  

Three different meals at the same time and no overlapping odours…

Goldmaster presents an innovative kitchen tool with the Dietist Steam Cooker. Helping home chefs to create balanced meals simultaneously and practically, the Steam Cooker features three spacious chambers. The Dietist Steam Cooker can produce three different dishes concurrently, preserving the nutritional value of each ingredient while maintaining the aromatic autonomy of separate dishes. The Goldmaster Dietist Steam Cooker has a large capacity and a distinctive style that make it a favourite in the kitchen.

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