“Anything that can be recycled falls into New Olds’ future plans as a ‘potential line of business.’”

The demand for vintage products is increasing. You have brought items with a story into use by reconstructing them. Can you describe the elements that strike you when regenerating old products?

New Olds Studio interest in old furniture actually comes from our families – we observe these items and become curious. As a result, the eye begins to see old furnishings wherever they are.

Most of the furniture in our homes – we hadn’t started this business while decorating our house – is  old.

As workmen were performing maintenance such as polishing and flooring, we started to discover what we could also do; we began to see the finished version when we looked at a piece. This is important, to be able to envision the finished version.

New olds studio

Our first criterion in selecting pieces is actually our own taste, and this was our biggest question mark while starting this business. We had so many questions in our minds: will people like our taste? Will our own satisfaction with a product be enough for it to sell?

New olds studio

The second selection criterion is that the product should be old and belong to a period; we do not purchase and restore an item just because it is old. It is important for us that it belongs to a period, an era.

What are the future plans for New Olds Studio?

New Olds Studio is a recycling company, and this is where we start: Recycling.

Anything that can be recycled falls into New Olds’ future plans as a ‘potential line of business’.We can recycle clothes, cars, boats, anything –  all we need is some time and some fund of knowledge.

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