Bringing to life its slogan “World Teas are Beautiful in Paşabahçe”, Paşabahçe adorns the tables of tea drinkers with its newest products enhancing the enjoyment of tea.

Paşabahçe caters to the tea rituals of all tea drinkers worldwide, whether their tea includes sugar, honey or milk; whether it is spiced or plain; and whether it is brewed from loose leaves or in a samovar. Paşabahçe wants all tea lovers to know that “World Teas are Beautiful in Paşabahçe”.

One of the world’s most beloved beverages, each country and culture has developed its own tea-drinking traditions and rituals. Tea signifies friendship and hospitality, the sharing of happy memories. Sometimes a cup of tea is the best reason to devote a few minutes to ourselves.  Inspired by each tea drinker around the world, Paşabahçe doubles the pleasure of tea with a variety of glass cups and mugs that enhance the pleasure of drinking tea in a glass.

Starting with the slogan “World Teas are Beautiful in Paşabahçe”, Paşabahçe continues to place sparkling glasses on tables, knowing that tea is even more beautiful when it is seen.

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