“Fakir Hausgeräte, a leading producer of household and kitchen utensils in Turkey and the world, brings coffee to a new level with Aroma Master.”

As a beverage with a rich and diverse history, coffee is a cultural tradition and now consumed in almost every part in the world. Originally made with simple brewing techniques, coffee has made its mark over the years and throughout the world with new brewing methods and distinctive flavours.    

And, as global coffee consumption rises, coffee machines of various types have become increasingly popular.

Today’s fully automated machines enable consumers to enjoy a variety of coffee beverages with fast, consistent brewing capabilities. Coffee lovers can now achieve at home the beverage’s subtle nuances and flavours that were formerly available only in cafes or coffee houses.

“Fakir offers full flavours with the slow-brew Aroma Master.”

Designed specifically for coffee lovers, the Fakir Aroma Master slow brews coffee with specialized  heating techniques, allowing the undertones of the bean’s flavour to emerge. The Aroma Master is at home in every kitchen, thanks to a stylish, ergonomic design, and its time settings offer consumers a full-time, personalized coffee experience.

Fakir believes that coffee is more than just an everyday beverage and the Fakir Aroma Master continues to make life better for coffee lovers.  

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