Paşabahçe has been offering many first-of-its-kind products to consumers for 85 years. Here they are again, bringing together environmental responsibility approach, advanced production skills and innovation strength. Preparing to offer a sustainability initiative, a glassware collection made from 100% recycled glass, Paşabahçe combines sustainability with style and aesthetics in the new collection.

Through eco-friendly Aware Collection, Paşabahçe contributes to environmental protection by collecting and recycling glass that was previously used at least once. While eliminating the need for new raw material, they support a cyclical economy whilst reducing carbon footprint and industrial waste.

“Aware Collection is born with the inspiration from the Bosporus of İstanbul and its unique color- Bosphorus Turquoise.”

With this initiative, Paşabahçe invites everyone to support sustainability by choosing Aware Collection that offers 2 glass mugs and 2 tumblers. In order to produce glassware for this collection, the company collects used glass from recycling containers and use them in order to produce new glass products. 100% recycled glassware then go into %100 recycled packaging, thus presenting a whole %100 recycled product range.

Discover Paşabahçe Woody Collection!

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