Katzze reinterprets geometric, floral and traditional patterns

The story begins with Emre Saraçoğlu, a copywriter, who wanted a lampshade in a pattern created by his textile designer friend Ömür Yılmazer.

The two friends ended up establishing Katzze and, since 2013, the Company has created home décor lines ranging from home textiles to decorative objects. While Katzze has produced a variety of items from different materials, the duo recently decided to focus on porcelain, producing only porcelain products for the last year. They explain their interest in porcelain: “It’s actually a difficult material, but we think we’ve figured out its language and we get on with it. We believe that freedom is the most important thing in design.”

KATZZE’s product range includes plates, candle holders, cups and teapots. Their large collections – featuring new interpretations of geometric, floral and traditional patterns – attract great attention.

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