“Containing no synthetic ingredients, this charming harmony softly glimmers all shades of green in the natural texture of life.”

The recycling kick driven by eco-friendly consumers is now gaining momentum. Biodegradable, renewable materials are now under the spotlight and this is reflected in the use of natural decorations. Parents are striving to set an example for the resourceful, creative and eco-friendly generation.

 Ecology comes to life in eco- and human-friendly designs. These designs revolve around human beings who enjoy a spiritual connection to nature. Decorations that use healthy materials are inspired by the forest, where nature bundles you with vines and leaves fingerprints in leaf veins. Manifesting the full beauty of nature, the forest offers a more natural experience in its materials and in life. The sun reflects on dining tables as glaring golden beams flicker on elaborate designs. The quest for spirituality in nature blends in the forest, creating a warm decoration to inspire LAV.

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